Custom Jewelry in Victoria

Free Jewelry Making Instruction at Our Victoria Shop

When it comes to jewelry manufacturing, we encourage you to be creative and courageous and try the techniques yourself. We’ll help you along the way, offering free in-store instruction. There comes a wonderful sense of pride and accomplishment when you can say “I made this!”

Custom Jewelry Available

If you are not comfortable working on a piece yourself, Beadworld staff can produce a piece of jewelry to your specifications. We do have a set of standard production fees; please see our production and repair guide.

While we can help you narrow the focus of your piece, we do not provide design services. After all, who knows what you like better than you? All projects must be completely laid out before we begin production, and some time (usually a week, with repairs) must be allowed for completion. You will get a copy of the production slip, and we will call you when your new, original and unique piece of jewelry is ready for pick-up.

Our Jewelry Repair Process

Beadworld provides comprehensive jewelry repair services, and we’re more than happy to supply some know-how if you’d like to try fixing the piece yourself.

The first step is to bring the piece of jewelry in to Beadworld for us to look at. We are often asked about the tools and materials needed for repairs, but it is very difficult to assess a piece without having it in hand! We certainly don’t want to provide you with the wrong item for the task, so be sure to bring the repair in question with you.

We Repair as Quickly as Possible

Some weeks are busier than others, however; your project may be done the next day, or it may take a bit longer than a week. Please be flexible and plan ahead – and let us know if the piece is required for a specific event or you are only in Victoria for a few days. If you have multiple repairs, please allow us to tackle them one at a time – we’d like to give each one the attention it deserves!

Free Repair Assessment

All advice and assessment on manufacturing and repairs is free. 

Come on in and show us your project!

Repair Fees

We do have a set of standard service fees for common repairs; please see our production and repair guide to get an idea of what the charges would be. If your project doesn’t seem to be on the list, call and ask or come on down anyway! We like a challenge. Please note that these prices are for service fees only – materials required to complete the job are a separate repair cost.

Next, we assess the state of the item and materials required: if your repair is a fairly simple stringing job, for example, we will go over the threading materials and findings needed, and you have a couple of options: allow us to take it in for repair and pay a re-stringing service fee, or re-string the piece yourself – either at home or right in the store 
– and have us help you with the finishing touches for a small fee.

Most repairs we encounter are reasonably simple, but be aware that complicated, vintage or delicate pieces may be beyond the abilities or comfort level of our staff – we cannot always guarantee a repair, or you may find that the service fee for the time and effort required is more than the worth of the item. It is very rare to be able to match missing beads exactly, so if there are a few gaps in the pattern, please be flexible in terms of redesigning the piece in a new pattern or with different beads.

Finally, you will need to fill out a repair form on which we can detail the service fee and materials involved. You do not pay for an item until it is fixed and all materials are accounted for. When we take in a repair, you will get a copy of the repair slip; please have this on hand when you come in for pick up, as it will allow us to retrieve your piece more quickly. We keep our copy of the repair slip with the item at all times, and we will have you initial it as proof of completion when you come in for pick-up and payment. The repair will be done by the staff member who served you, and we ask that you allow a week for completion; you will receive a call when it is ready for pick-up.
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