Answers to All Your Bead Questions

Q: Does Beadworld have gift cards?

A: Yes. Beadworld has a gift card program, where a card is loaded with any dollar amount of your choosing (minimum $5). When the card is purchased, you will pay the total desired amount, plus taxes, on behalf of the gift card recipient (currently 7% PST + 5% GST) – that way, the government gets their cut and the lucky recipient doesn’t have to worry about taxes when redeeming the card. This would mean that a $20 card, for example, would cost $20 + 12% tax = $22.40, and the recipient would have a full $20 to spend in the store, taxes already paid. When the card is redeemed, the transaction is not rung through the till or charged taxes again; we simply swipe the card and deduct the appropriate amount without taxes. If the full amount is not used in one trip, the balance remains on the card for expenditure at a later date; we can check the balance in store.

Q: I’d like to work at Beadworld – how do I go about applying for a job?

A: Beadworld is always accepting resumes. Stop by in person with your resume, and talk to Kathy or Tara. An interest in beads is encouraged and experience with a range of techniques is helpful, but not required. Most important is commitment to customer service and willingness to learn!

Q: What payment methods are accepted?

A: Beadworld accepts VISA, MasterCard, debit cards, traveller’s cheques, and cash in Canadian dollars only. *Note: we are no longer accepting American dollars in bills or coins. We suggest you change your American dollars for Canadian dollars before shopping. If you would like to use your credit card the banks will give you an up-to-date exchange rate on your transaction.
We do not take personal cheques or American Express.

Q: Does Beadworld sell wholesale?

A: No. Beadworld is a retail bead store, and does not pretend to be a wholesaler. You will, however, get better prices when purchasing bulk amounts of an item: price breaks may be had at 10, 25, 50, 100 or 1000, depending on the item and individual price. The bulk discount can get you up to 70% off the original unit price and the staff are happy to look up bulk prices for you.

Q: Does Beadworld do mail orders?

A: Yes! We currently do about 5-6 mail orders a week, to locations all over the world. All orders within Canada are sent through Xpress post, and we try to fill your order within 24 hours for mail-out the next business day. Orders headed out of Canada are sent via small package post. We accept orders via phone during regular business hours, and are happy to take your number and call back if you are concerned about long distance charges.

Q: Can I order through the website?

A: No. Beadworld is not a web-based business; as a unique, locally owned and operated retailer, we like to emphasize personal contact and service. We happily take telephone and e-mail orders from customers who know what they want and will do our best to get what you want to you. You are more than welcome to call during regular hours – we’d love to talk to you!

Q: Is Beadworld part of a chain?

A: No; Beadworld is a locally run, unique retail bead store, and enjoys catering to a local and international market from right here in Victoria.

Q: Can Beadworld create a custom piece of jewelry for me?

A: We encourage you to be adventurous and try the techniques yourself; everyone has creative talents hiding somewhere! We’ll help you along the way, and you will gain a wonderful sense of pride and accomplishment when you can say “I made this!”
If, however, you are not comfortable working on a piece yourself, Beadworld staff can produce a piece of jewelry to your specifications. We will help you with your design, but cannot do it all for you; after all, who knows what you like better than you? Designs must be agreed upon before we can build them, and much the same as a repair, some time must be allowed for completion. You will get a copy of the production slip, and we will call when your jewelry is ready for pick-up. Please phone our store for details.

Q: I’m looking for a donation or discount for my organization… what should I do?

A: Within a range of related interests (arts, crafts, education, community groups) Beadworld will consider making donations of supplies or gift cards, or providing a maximum 10% discount, to groups that provide letters stating the group name or cause, event, contribution desired, and contact info for those heading the initiative. We do like to get involved and show support – come prepared and ask to speak to a manager or the owner.

Q: Do all your beads have holes in them?

A: Yes! At least, they should. Recently, a single transparent red 8mm glass bead was found to be lacking in the hole department. It has been safely removed from regular stock.
On a more serious note, we do not carry half-drilled or flat-back stones, called cabochons. We do have a selection of flat, undrilled abalone shapes that are often used in carving ornamentation.

Q: I have an item I think you could sell – how do I approach you?

A: All the jewelry you see available for sale and inspiration at Beadworld has been made by the Beadworld staff during our regular hours; we do not want to compete with the other merchants in Market Square and therefore do not buy or sell pre-made items. As for components – metal, wood, glass (or other!) beads, findings and/or pendants – Beadworld has a set of suppliers that we order from regularly, and we try to maintain supplier connections that ensure we can make repeat orders to meet demand. That said, we do encourage local artists and will from time to time carry items such as pendants or beads that have been made locally; however, the items must fit with our stock and appeal to our staff.
Q: I have a broken piece of jewelry – how do I go about getting it repaired?
A: Beadworld does provide jewelry repair services, and we’re more than happy to supply some know-how if you’d like to try fixing the piece yourself. Please see the Services page for more information on fees and procedures.

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