Shipping Orders

We Ship Beads to You!

Beadworld ships mail orders to locations all over the world! If you would like to have products shipped to you, we will need a few specific pieces of information: Your name, mailing address, phone number, the items and quantities you would like to order, and if you have a club card and/or PST # for discounts as of April 2013.

How We Ship

We send all orders within Canada via X-press post, and international orders via air small package post. We try to fill orders within 24 hours, for shipping the next business day. Please be patient during July, August and December, as these are our busiest months! We accept payment by credit card (Visa or MasterCard only; sorry, no American Express) and do not keep your card number on file – it is shredded as soon as it is used. Orders are not charged until all items are accounted for and the package is ready to go – if we do not have an item in stock, you have the option to place a special order. As the availability of our suppliers – and the frequency at which we place orders with them – varies, it is a good idea to let us know well in advance if you need a specific item; we may not always have all products on hand, especially in large quantities. From past experience, we also cannot guarantee that an item previously in stock will be available again, or at the same price point.

Need an Order Shipped? Let's Talk.

Please call us during store hours to place your order, or e-mail us; over the phone we can clarify descriptions, process all the information required and check on stock availability while you’re on the line. We do not currently accept orders through this website – we don’t have the resources in terms of staff or storage to be as efficient as we’d like. Besides, as a community-minded and service-oriented bead store, we rather like being able to hear from you and offer personal service in real time!

While we do have a price list, it contains only a basic listing of stock items; our selection of products changes over time as new items become available and old ones are discontinued (suppliers do discontinue beads and findings, no matter how popular we find an item to be!) so for up-to-date information and specific product inquiries, please call and ask.

No Tax on Cash-On-Delivery Products to Reserves

We will not charge taxes on products delivered Cash-On-Delivery to First Nations reserves. However packages must be delivered and paid for on reserve and must therefore be sent COD. COD and fuel surcharges will be applied at current Canada Post rates.

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